¿Menta O Hierbabuena? ~ Botànic Serrat

Escape to a special 55-acre urban oasis of extraordinary beauty at San Francisco Botanical Garden, showcasing more than eight,000 diverse types of plants from about the planet. The late 18th and early 19th centuries were marked by the establishment of tropical botanical gardens as a tool of colonial expansion (for trade and commerce and, secondarily, science) mostly by the British and Dutch, in India , South-east Asia and the Caribbean 44 This was also the time of Sir Joseph Banks ‘s botanical collections for the duration of Captain James Cook ‘s circumnavigations of the planet and his explorations of Oceania , which formed the last phase of plant introduction on a grand scale.

The scouts have tested water good quality, volunteered for almost just about every big occasion we have such as Earth Day at The Gardens, Spring and Fall Plant Sales, Butterfly Education and Awareness Day, Flicks Amongst the Flowers and Antiques at The Gardens and they have been some of the best teen counselors for Children’s Summer season Camps and Garden Explorations programs.

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