Install Front Doors Toronto Based On Home’s Style

As the spring season comes, most of the property owners go for completing their last year’s projects so that their upcoming seasons can be comfortable and relaxing than before. Some people start maintenance of deck garden, others try to improve efficiency of DIY project or some opt to replace front doors Toronto.

At Total Home Windows and Doors, people have all the privilege to instruct workers to work in the way they want. Since door replacement is a significant investment, people have to always hire professionals so that everything could be done efficiently with perfection and satisfaction. The best thing is that the project would then be least time consuming as the specialists have all resources to complete the projects as soon as they can. But, the primary consideration is to select the desired style that could enhance overall beauty of the property. So, which style to choose? Here are some options:


Modern has become a buzz word for every single individual who wants to move with the world. Based on its simple and true meanings, a modern home design is something between early and mid century architecture that comes from the machine age. Or in plain English, it means concrete or steel material, lack of intricate details, open floor plans, larger windows and glass panes. If this is the answer to the question, it is recommended to go for steel front doors Toronto with stained glass, rigid geometric cutouts/shapes.



If a property contains intricate details in the walls or woodwork, crown molding and high-end furniture, elegance would be the ultimate option. The door design comes with unique finishes, decorative glass options and incredible noticeable hardware. Beautifully designed metal door lever, handle hardware and knocker are responsible for giving a graceful touch. So, to get something catchy yet simple and unique, elegance style should be the choice.


When it comes to transforming the home into a contemporary living space, there should be in-ornate furniture, open spaces, clean lines and natural items such as stone, cedar and earthy or neutral paint colors.

Eclectic and Swanky

If someone wants to add a little flare, Total Home Windows and Doors suggests to let front doors Toronto stand out with oversized hardware and fun colors or elongated windows in narrow French doors. The best thing is that homeowners can customize them as per their requirements- like bronze door knocker and red doors without windows.

Vintage or Country Chic

Selecting arched front doors Toronto with side accent windows and beautiful glass detailing can give amazing touch to the home. So, always choose the most appropriate style.

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