How to Keep Bad Smells Out of Your Fridge

The refrigerator is arguably the most important appliance found in any modern-day kitchen. Without a functional fridge, preserving perishables for more than a few days would prove incredibly cumbersome – and in some cases, outright impossible. However, in light of how much food is stored in the typical fridge, there’s little wonder as to why refrigerators frequently find themselves beset with bad smells. Fortunately, keeping pungent aromas out of your fridge doesn’t have to be a strenuous undertaking. Utilizing the following pointers can go a long way in keeping your refrigerator odor-free.

Keep a Close Eye on the Fridge’s Contents

You can nip bad smells in the bud by keeping a close eye on the contents of your refrigerator. This means frequently checking the expiration dates on certain products, as well as inspecting your produce and dairy drawers for signs of spoilage. These checks shouldn’t prove terribly time-consuming and should be performed at least two to three times per week. Additionally, take care to promptly wipe up any spills or sticky spots you stumble upon when performing these inspections.

Clean Your Fridge Every Three Months

In addition to getting rid of any bad smells, cleaning your refrigerator every three months can help curb bacteria buildup and the spread of germs. Before carrying out the cleaning, make sure to remove all the food and place it in coolers. Next, thoroughly scrub the freshly-emptied fridge with a mixture of warm water and baking soda. Not only will this keep your food safe from the harsh chemicals found in many over-the-counter cleaners, it will effectively purge the refrigerator of any lingering aromas. Lastly, wipe the fridge down with a water-dampened cloth and thoroughly dry it before reinserting the food.

Having your fridge serviced annually goes hand-in-hand with regular cleanings. Floridians on the hunt for a reliable maintenance and repair company should get in touch with a Sub Zero repair service Key Largo.

Absorb the Odors with Baking Soda

Placing an opened box of baking soda in your fridge can prove effective at keeping bad smells at bay. This is because the baking soda will absorb any unpleasant aromas before they have a chance to spread throughout the entire refrigerator. To ensure maximum effectiveness, make sure to replace the baking soda every one to three months.

Foul-smelling odors are all-too-common in many refrigerators. Luckily, keeping bad smells out of your fridge is much easier than you may think. Keeping a watchful eye over the contents of your fridge, cleaning it every three months and absorbing foul aromas with baking soda can prove highly conducive to a pleasant smelling refrigerator.

How To Choose The Best Window Replacement For Your Basement

Home-owners in Canada want both the exterior and interior of the homes to be safe from home invasion, as well as stylish and energy efficient. This includes basement windows as well. When it comes time for window replacement for your basement windows, you want to make a wise decision as to the best type of replacement windows that will keep your home safe and secure, as well as last for many years.

Of course, you could choose the same style of windows that match the rest of your home but you need to take special characteristics into account when it comes to choosing a suitable window replacement for your basement or lower level of your home. Following are some helpful tips to consider when shopping for replacement basement windows.


Before you shop for new windows for your basement, make sure to make accurate measurements to ensure that you are getting an exact fit. Windows that are not properly fitted will not live up to maximum performance when it comes to ease of operation, security and insulation properties. Measure your windows at least twice to ensure the numbers are accurate, as this can save you costly repairs for improperly fitted windows over the years


A good choice for window replacement for basement windows are double or triple-glazed windows. These will help lower your energy bills as they will keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


In the event of a major disaster such as a floor or fire, you want to be able to escape your home. You should shop for basement windows that are large enough for an adult to exit the windows safely.


In addition to safely, home security is a major factor to take into concern when looking for the rest window replacement for your basement. You want to install windows that will deter would-be-intruders from trying to enter your home. When shopping around, look for security features such as locks, bars and other safety features to protect your home from potential home invasion.


In addition to the above features, you want to choose windows that will match both the interior and exterior of your home. Most window manufacturers offer a wide variety of attractive basement windows. Casement windows are among the most popular choices for basement windows as they can easily be installed in high spaces such as above counters or other hard to reach areas. As well, basement windows are available in an array of colors, shapes and textures to match the look and feel of your home.

3 Tips for Designing a Comfy, Efficient Workspace

Designing a workspace can be a lofty undertaking, particularly for individuals with little to no interior design experience. Balancing practicality with comfort isn’t nearly as easy as seasoned designers make it look. In addition to making a workspace as cozy as possible for the people who spend their days in it, designers need to ensure that the area is energy-efficient and maximized to its full potential. If you’ve recently been tasked with overseeing the design of a large office, there are a number of tips you’ll want to have in your arsenal. Whether this is your first time undertaking a project of this type or you’ve dabbled in design in the past, the following pointers are sure to prove useful.

1. Be Mindful of Your Color Scheme

As any experienced interior designer can attest, the color scheme you select should reflect the type of work your business does. For example, workspaces dedicated to conservative lines of work like accounting and financial advising should opt for neutral colors. On the flipside, offices that serve creative industries like graphic design and advertising are well-served by color schemes that are bright and vibrant.

2. Work with a Trusted Design Firm

Enlisting the aid of a trusted design firm can save you a tremendous amount of time, money and hassle. This is particularly true for individuals who have no experience in the design department. When working with professional designers, you have two options: you can use them as consultants or entrust the job to them entirely. Even if you select the latter option, you’ll still have final say over every big decision.

3. Take Steps to Eliminate Clutter

Excessive clutter is highly conducive to workplace stress. Working in a perpetually cluttered environment has been found to hamper productivity and cause general unease among employees. With this in mind, it’s in your best interest to emphasize open space when drawing up a plan for your new office. Commercial interior design firms can help you maximize even the smallest of workspaces, so if you’re working with a compact office environment, it’s in your best interest to contact Design Republic.

Creating a workspace that’s both comfortable and efficient is no mean feat. However, it’s by no means impossible – especially if you familiarize yourself with the previously discussed tips. In the quest to create the perfect office space, remember to be mindful of your color scheme, work with a renowned design firm and take steps to eliminate clutter.

Improve the Productivity on Your House by Clean Them Regularly

To improve the productivity, health and also comfort ability of your house environment, it is essential to hire a professional cleaning service to take care your house. Hiring professional cleaning service is more profitable than hiring a full time janitor, because professional are only need several hours to finish their jobs and you will need less money to hire them rather than hire full time janitor. There are many houses cleaning service that willing to do the work for you. But, you need to consider several things before you determine which cleaning service that good for you. Therefore, today I will provide you a step by step guide on how to choose the right cleaning house  service for you.The first step is do some research and find out the best commercial cleaning service for you. You will need to check the internet for the list of commercial cleaning service for you. Make sure to get the commercial cleaning service that receives the most positive review from their previous costumer. Alternatively, you can ask recommendation from your colleague or from your family. This way, you will be able to narrow down the candidates for commercial cleaning service. I recommend you house cleaning service for the best house cleaning service in Cherry Hill.

The next step is making sure to get price quotes from the candidates for commercial cleaning service. Ask them for interview meeting and ask about their qualification and license, verify their qualification and license right away by visiting your government regulatory website. After that, you can provide brief explanation about your house and the cleaning task needed. Make sure to ask estimation of the work and ask about list of service they provide.The next step is making sure to read the contract properly. Don’t sign anything until you understand the whole contract and satisfy with the contract. If you are not satisfied, make sure to negotiate with the commercial cleaning company or you can get another commercial cleaning company.